Back pain/ Neck pain

There is a way to treat neck or back pain without a pain pill or steroid.
Stop blaming age and take control of your pain.

Big and Loud Therapy

If you have Parkinson’s disease or movement disorder,
you may want to consider Big and loud Therapy.
It can help you to keep your independence and enjoy your life.


Lymph-Edema Management
Whether your swollen limb is secondary to circulation issue or lymph node problems
we perform evidence based practice like manual drainage, cupping techniques,
Kinesio taping, and decongestive exercise to manage your lymphedema

Massage Therapy

There are five basic strokes in Swedish massage therapy: effleurage (long smooth strokes), petrissage (kneading, rolling, and lifting), friction (wringing or small circular movements), tapotement (percussion), and vibration (rocking and shaking movements). Swedish massage provides full-body muscle relaxation, and it can be especially helpful if you’re recovering from an injury.

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Physical Therapy

At Sure Cure Therapy and Wellness, we believe in result. We understand that coming to a physical therapy clinic is not a pleasure but usually a necessity due to pain, impairment or functional limitation. Our goal is to simply cure whatever bothers you in that regard and thus improve your life. We also believe and keep up with the latest technology and skills, which can make recovery faster and efficient.

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FitBomb Sauna Exercise

You can burn up to 800 calories in a 30-minute workout session in the sauna! What if you can get the benefits of explosive fitness, anti-aging, detoxification, pain relief, brain boost, and skin toning in just one half-an-hour session? Sure Cure Therapy & Wellness features new, game-changing FitBomb studio which offers far more benefits from working out than any other exercise method known today.

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Fit 3D Body Scanner

Most of us can tell by looking in the mirror what our trouble areas are. But, understanding the details of where weight accumulates on your body will help you make a better decision about what diet is right for you. A full body surface scan from the Fit3D ProScanner takes thousands of measurements of joints, landmarks, circumferences, volumes, surface areas, contours, etc. in just 35 seconds.

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Why did we begin journey at Sure Cure Therapy & Wellness?


You are working on your desk job 8 to 10 hours and after long day at work your Back or Neck is killing you. All you want to do is lie down and rest. Missing quality time with kids and family.
You go to doctor ‘s office for your pain and either you are stuck with a pain med, a steroid shot and ultimately live in fear of last option surgery.
You have lymphedema ( Build up swelling on limbs ) and all you are doing to manage lymphedema with compression socks. You adapt to live in daily discomfort of compression garment and heavy legs or arms.
Any of the above mentioned situations can be avoided by doing regular proper guided exercise and manual skills . Physical therapist can assist you to not only control pain and improve strength but guide you and prepare you to make sure it does not happen again.

Headache due to neck pain

Tip for back or neck pain

Dry Needle explained


Nirzari “Niti” Vyas
Co-Owner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Allyson Hawthorne
Office Manager

Supreet Brar
Occupational Therapist

Steve Jones (Subramanian)

Mukti Soma

Krestal Morua
Massage Therapist

Sanket Vyas
Co- Owner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Caleh Bruce
Physical Therapist Assistant