Do you not feel comfortable leaving home and coming to clinic?

You are not alone, we understand the current situation and because of that, we are extending our services to HOME VISITS as well.

I wish by staying home and resting, pain and limitation get better but usually, that’s not the case, with skill care by physical therapy we can help you to take care of your pain and limitation by coming to your home, we will bring all necessary equipment to you and of course all precautions like washing hands, wearing mask and gloves.

one of the benefits of treating at home is that we can go over your home ergonomics, how your office desk is set up?  How do you position when you sleep in your bed? tips that can really help you in the long term.

We are covering a certain distance so a home visit is subject to distance as well.

We accept insurance like

  • Medicare     
  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • United Health
  • Wellmed

We are also offering a cash option