What is Telehealth physical Therapy?

  • A physical therapist will use electronic
communication to provide health care
services and education. This kind of
service is already in use in rural areas.


 What’s Next?

  • Call or Text 469-212-8888 our office to
    set up an appointment and get your
  • Once you have scheduled your session,
    Click on “start a telemedicine call”
  • You will be asked to enter your name and
    the passcode we provided with.


  • Tips for better one on one video: Avoid multiple-device streaming, Keep pets away, Use Chrome Browser.

Who can benefit from Telehealth Physical therapy?

1)Cannot leave home due to the current Covid 19 outbreak but still suffering from back/ neck pain or any joint pain.

2) Working from home and sitting in front of the computer for a long time and hurting neck or back.

3)Busy with schedule and can not get time to go to the outpatient clinic.

4) Mom who can not leave kids to daycare but still in need to take care of her pain.

5) Wellness programs to prevent injury & improve the game like golfing, bowling or running.


How physical therapy can help you with telehealth Services? 

In the clinic , Therapist gets a medical history like how injury started, what caused the injury, Observe the movement, limited range in affected areas, how functional abilities are affected, perform special tests to determine the problem area and create plan of care. For treatment we design specific exercise based in assessment and pain management with different tools and skills.

In the telehealth visit, the therapist will be able to do all these mentioned skills except electrotherapy and manual therapy. A therapist can assess movement and functional limitations through video conferences.

1) The therapist can assess the movement that is causing pain on video. get a medical history.

2)Assess home environment safety, office space ergonomics, sleeping habits and more.

3)Create customize exercise based on assessment and share exercise videos and safety educations. 

4) Flexible hours so you can have a session at your convenience. 

5)Modified some of the techniques that typically therapist does in the clinic but teach you during the session to get maximum benefits.


  • Is Telehealth covered under my insurance?

we are constantly checking for any updates with payers but we do not have confirmation yet. As soon as we do, we will update on our website. So far United Health and Cigna are the one who covered Telehealth PT as per our knowledge and coverage is depend on insurance policy.

  • How long is each session?

sessions can be up to 30 MINUTES or 60 minutes based on your need

  • Can I pay cash for my telehealth session?

Yes, we offer a very minimal charge for telehealth. For a 30 MINUTE session, $50 and for a 60-minute session is $80.

  • Do I have to sign any forms?

yes, Once you reach out to us for an appointment, we will send you a secure email to signs consent forms.

  • Do I Need a referral from my Doctor to have TeleHealth Physical therapy?

No, In-state of Texas, Physical therapist can see a patient for 10 consequence business days without a referral from Doctor.

  • How can you help me online?

We do a thorough assessment online one on one and find out what is causing your pain, we also have software that we use to share specific exercises and educational material on your screen.