About Us

Our History

Niti and Sanket are both Doctorate of Physical Therapy, they have combined experience of more than 24 years in the physical therapy field, they have worn multiple role hats that include managing rehab at senior living facilities, treating patients in acute care hospital settings, home health care, outpatient therapy center. One thing that they have noticed over time is the lack of awareness about the role of physical therapists in the community, after all, advancements in therapy, many times they heard from patients that physical therapy means the only exercise, even some mentioned that physical therapy means the only massage. Sanket and Niti believe that skilled therapy can address two main issues.

  1. Reduce pain and bring independence without pain meds and steroids.
  2. Reduce financial burden from patients or insurance companies.

If you want a long-term solution for your pain, change to trigger points. For example, Someone with forwarding shoulder posture will get repeated shoulder pain due to impingement triggered with poor posture. Correct posture and you will not get pain.

The national average cost for MRI is about $1325. You can easily have 6 to 10 sessions of therapy in this amount. During those sessions, you will also get the knowledge for life as one of the biggest parts of therapy sessions is education about exercise, posture, and techniques that you can perform by yourself when pain flares up. It can help to reduce the opioid crisis as well.

One time, one of their family members had back pain and at a social gathering event, during a conversation, He mentioned his experience at one of the physical therapy clinics where he spent only 10 min with the therapist and rest either on different machines or with therapy tech. The things that you can do at the gym or home then why do you need a therapist? That’s the simple question one should always ask themself. That incident was the seed for an idea to open their practice where one can get skill care and see the result.


Our Vision

Our vision is to reach out to all people who want to get rid of pain conservatively without pain meds and steroids. Even with all advancements in the physical therapy field, many people are not aware of the work therapists can do to help reduce pain, bring independence, and improve lifestyle without any physical limitation. Our vision is to reach out to every individual in the DFW area to bring awareness.

Our Mission

“Rule Out, Restore, Rejuvenate”
Rule out: In the initial evaluation we take a brief history of your overall health. layout the facts whether it’s physician’s script or x-ray results and analyze and rule out what and why you feel what you feel, your personal goals are our goals too and we lay out a customized tailored strategic measurable plan of care to achieve them together.

Restore: Whether it’s your Range of motion or muscle strength. With our unique treatment skills and modalities, we restore your function to the prior level before injury. Along with pain management, we slowly start strengthening your muscles and joints to enhance healing.

Rejuvenate: chances of re-injuring your body or going back to faulty posture/bad health habits are easier when the problem is patched just on the surface and not being treated from the root. Here we strengthen your body to prevent future injuries and make you ready for any health challenges.