Our story

Sure Cure was co-founded by Niti and Sanket Vyas. They are both Doctorates of Physical Therapy and each have over 16 years of experience in the physical therapy field. They have worn multiple hats, that include managing rehab at senior living facilities, treating patients in acute care hospital settings, home health care, and working in outpatient therapy centers.(Also, their love story is as magical as their healing hands and hearts are, ask them to tell you about it during your first session! )

The one thing that they noticed over time working for corporate companies, is that even with good values, at the end of the day it’s only about numbers, and they lacked personalized care for their patients. Not upgrading to the latest technologies for healing was another missing piece of the perfect physical therapy puzzle and so they decided to create Sure Cure! At Sure Cure, our core value is ‘Person first, Patient second’ and have created a personalized approach to physical therapy to really HEAR our patients and design a unique treatment for each individual’s needs.

Sanket and Niti, along with the rest of their fabulous team, are very passionate about this approach, and keep up with the latest certifications ,research, and technology when it comes to patient care. We believe in long term relationships with our patients and that starts with honesty. We never push unneeded products or services on our patients to gain temporary money. We prefer to build your trust so we can become your go-to Physical Therapy center and be a part of your transformational journey and we take pride in that! We will believe in you even when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We will support you, work hard with you, and celebrate your victories!

When your journey with us is over, we won’t abandon you either. We will periodically call and check on you to make you accountable for continuing your exercises consistently to maintain your health and cheer you on as you continue to meet your goals and live your best life.


Our vision is to reach out to all people who want to get rid of pain conservatively without pain meds and steroids. Even with all advancements in the physical therapy field, many people are not aware of the work therapists can do to help reduce pain, bring independence, and improve lifestyle without any physical limitation. Our vision is to reach out to every individual in the DFW area to bring awareness.


Rule Out

Rule out: In the initial evaluation we take a brief history of your overall health. layout the facts whether it’s physician’s script or x-ray results and analyze and rule out what and why you feel what you feel, your personal goals are our goals too and we lay out a customized tailored strategic measurable plan of care to achieve them together.



Restore: Whether it’s your Range of motion or muscle strength. With our unique treatment skills and modalities, we restore your function to the prior level before injury. Along with pain management, we slowly start strengthening your muscles and joints to enhance healing.


Rejuvenate: chances of re-injuring your body or going back to faulty posture/bad health habits are easier when the problem is patched just on the surface and not being treated from the root. Here we strengthen your body to prevent future injuries and make you ready for any health challenges.

Sure Cure Physical Therapy Model

Specializes and has the latest certification in every service we offer
High end Technology and Facility

Confidently Return to Sports/prior level of function 100%

Every Session is 45-60 minutes Directly With Your PT

No Treatment provided by Techs,aides or assistants

Always 1-on-1 patient care

Precise treatments with proper Home Exercise videos for better and faster outcomes

Other Physical Therapy Clinic Model

PT is a generalist

Traditional bare minimally equipped facility with old heavy-duty equipment

Unable to fully return to sports/prior level of injury

Only 20 minutes directly with a PT and Double or triple booked with other patients

Treatment performed by aides, techs, or assistants

Focusing on a heavy caseload and treating you as a number

Drawn-out, time-consuming treatment plans