Back Pain

There is a way to put an end to your back pain without pain pills and a steroid shot.

If You are one of the people who think my back pain was caused by just sleeping awkwardly,lifting something wrongly or simply thinking, it’s just my age? Now its been more than a week but still, back pain is not going away. You are not alone, we at Sure Cure Therapy see many patients just like you and help them not only get rid of the pain but create a plan of care that it does not come back.


Back Pain

by | Feb 27, 2020



When you live with back pain, The question comes is why am I
suffering from back pain?

What did I do that triggered my back pain?

Can you relate where you have taken some pain or anti-inflammatory pills and done some exercise from youtube and pain is gone? But in a few weeks again experience the same back pain or worse.

Why my back pain keeps on coming back even after all I been doing
to cure it?

Maybe your back pain is not simply because of lifting or sleeping awkwardly. Over the years of poor posture and habits cause muscle imbalance and weakness. Lifting or sleeping awkwardly just triggered back pain now.There are so many misconceptions out there for back pain. Back pain is a very vague term.Back pain can be caused by any reasons. Finding the right cause can treat the back pain quickly and keeping it from getting it back.You have been told to do many things like one of your friends did it and that worked for him. But without knowing the root cause of your back pain, you may end up with more back pain. For example, if you have a sciatica problem,sitting may worsen the pain. If you have lumbar stenosis, certain backward bending exercises will make your symptoms worse.

Did you know on average 264 million missed workdays are just because of back pain?

Did you know stress and anxiety increase your back pain?

One of the three adults reported back pain impacting their daily activities including sleep.

If you are currently having back pain, here are some reasons it has lasting more than it should .

1) You thought the pain pill will take care of the pain but it just masks the pain temporarily.

2) You tried some of the exercises from google or youtube with thinking that I might have sciatica or piriformis syndrome and it got worse

3) You tried massage therapy but it soothes the pain but did not fix it.

4) You tried resting to take care of the pain but it made back stiffer.

5) You tried stretching but don’t know exactly which muscles to stretch.

6) You have accepted that it’s just my age and nothing can be done now.

If you have already experienced some of the things that I have explained, I highly recommend you to book your FREE discovery session with one of our therapists. During the session, you can find out more about your back pain and how can we help to fix it.

What can I do to get rid of my back pain quickly?

1) Make the right decision, Rather than trying random treatments, get to the root cause of your back pain.

2) Follow back ergonomics and precautions to prevent further deterioration. You can also download free E-book o my website where we have explained 9 tips that can help your back pain.

3) Avoid sitting too long or being in one position for too long. I can hold my phone with straight arm raise forward but if I hold it the same position for more than half-hour my arm will start hurting that’s because of gravity. The same thing for back, if you sit too long, Gravity will cause more pressure on your lumbar and start hurting your back more.

4) Get real hands-on physical Therapy. We get many patients who tried Physical Therapy in the past and was a disappointing experience. Because I have seen many clinics treat patients as just like numbers and part of the treatment done by PT tech. Our goal at sure cure therapy is not only fixed your back and bring your independence but also create a

plan of care that it does not come back. We take time to discuss your goals and how to achieve it so you can enjoy your life without thinking of back pain.
If You like to know more about your back pain and how we can help it, please book your risk-free appointment without any financial obligation. During this session not only we educate you and perform special teat to find out the root cause of your pain but also discuss if we are the right choice to treat your back pain.

What we can do at Sure Cure Therapy & Wellness to get rid of your back pain in a few weeks?

1) Most importantly in your first session, we discuss your lifestyle, habits and what you have been doing so we can educate you to avoid the things that may have been hurting your back. Usually, in just first session you can understand the root cause of your back pain.

2) We discuss your goals, not ours. We set the plan of care based on your goals. For example, if you are restricting yourself from playing Golf or any activities because of your back pain, we start training those muscles which required to do that sport or activities and educate proper posture and technique to avoid back pain during that activities.

3) We have helped many patients just like you to get rid of stiffness in just a few sessions.

4) We use software to provide you with proper home exercise program videos and educational videos that you can download an app, get a print our or simply browse on
your computer to make sure you are doing it correctly.

5) We can help you to get rid of your pain pill because by now everyone knows that every pill has side effects.

6) We can help to avoid Doctor appointments that at the end prescribe you pills, steroid shot or refer you to Physical therapy.


Back Pain

by | Feb 27, 2020





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