Benefits of Prenatal Yoga & Massage

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Prenatal Yoga:

The American Pregnancy Association wrote in an article about the various benefits of prenatal yoga: improved sleep, reduced stress, increased strength, flexibility & endurance, decreased lower back pain, nausea carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and reduced the risk of preterm labor.

Through prenatal yoga, pregnant women learn proper breathing & relaxation techniques which will come in handy during labor. A very important piece of information to remember is that if you are at risk of premature labor then it is not recommended for you to practice prenatal yoga. Make sure you still consult with your doctor regardless of any risk factors or not. Prenatal yoga is not meant for you to push yourself, it is meant to relax you. A 30-minute yoga session will do just that for you. We offer one on one yoga sessions, call to book your spot today.

Prenatal Massage:

According to the American Pregnancy Association over the past 10 years there have been studies that have shown the hormone levels associated with relaxation & stress have been significantly changed through massage therapy during their prenatal care. Being as stress free as possible during your pregnancy will only benefit you and your baby. Stress can increase your chances of having a premature baby or a low-birthweight baby. It can also cause problems like high blood pressure and heart disease for you. If you are stressed out try a few or all of the following to help reduce your stress: stay healthy and fit, try prenatal yoga or meditation, try asking those you trust to help you with any tasks that you may need assistance with. Being stressed is not fun especially when you are growing a baby inside you.

At Sure Cure this month we have decided to keep Prenatal Massage as a special for all those excepting moms. There are so many benefits of massage but there are so many more for prenatal massage. During your pregnancy a prenatal massage could help reduce anxiety, symptoms of depression, it can also help relieve muscle aches & joint pains and improve your labor outcomes and your newborn’s health. We have a pregnancy pillow that our massage therapist uses during the massage. The massage is customized to your needs. The therapists are trained in how to position and support the woman’s body during the massage, modify techniques, and avoid certain areas and techniques during pregnancy.

Being pregnant you might notice some swelling or in fancier terms edema. This is often caused by reduced circulation & increased pressure on the major blood vessels by the weight of the uterus. When you receive a prenatal massage, you are stimulating the soft tissues which helps to reduce the collection of fluids in the swollen joints. Your circulation improves and this helps with the removal of tissue waste which is carried by your body’s lymphatic system.

Prenatal health is very important for you as well as for the baby. Let us help you get more relaxed and feel better. Call us to book your yoga session or your prenatal massage!

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