Proper Posture for Reading

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Having good posture and an ergonomic set up is definitely something we stay conscious of while we sit at a desk at work, but it tends to fade to the back of your mind when it’s time to unwind. Case in point? The many creative but curled-up positions that people get into while reading a book. These positions would of course, not be Physical Therapist approved, which is why it’s wise to give your reading posture some thought as well.

If your usual reading position looks like a curled up baby deer (cute but not so good for your neck or “Postural correction is the permanent solution for back and neck pain, many of my patients with the back pain I have observed that when they lean forward they use there back muscles rather than using hip joint. Which puts almost more than 25% extra strain on their paraspinal muscle” says Sanket Vyas DPT, an owner here at Sure Cure “One would need to observe their posture in all different positions including sitting, driving, standing, sleeping, and working.”

The best position, has your feet flat on the floor, but, we all know the best reading happens with your feet up. So, if reading with your feet up (in bed, on the couch, with an ottoman) do your best to still sit up. 90 degree angle! Try putting a pillow in your lap to raise the book some and help with proper alignment. Never move your body to the book, move the book to your eye level. Reading wedges or pillows for sitting more upright in bed are a great add on to your bedroom if reading before bed is your thing. If you think your reading set up could be adding to any neck or back pain you are experiencing be sure and ask your therapist today for some tips just for you!

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