Waddling Gait in Pregnancy and How to Correct It

by | May 23, 2023 | Blog

Myopathic Gait, commonly referred to as the “Waddling Gait,” is a type of walking brought on by weakened pelvic girdle muscles.

Your body will begin to produce a hormone that looses the ligaments and joints in your pelvis called relaxin, which permits the pelvis to broaden. Although having a broader pelvis makes labor and delivery safer and easier, it can also change how you walk. Your pelvis may get wider due to relaxin as well as downward pressure from the developing fetus.

Your stomach will begin to protrude noticeably in the later weeks of pregnancy, which can shift your center of gravity and make it challenging to balance, particularly while walking. Additionally, your spine and pelvis may begin to sag to accommodate your expanding stomach, causing a slight lean backward while walking or standing. Both of these can cause a waddling gait.

It’s natural to walk with a waddling gait while pregnant, and it’s nothing to worry about. In actuality, it might even lessen your chances of falling. Waddling gaits often disappear after giving birth, but they can linger for a few months out of habit. If this is the case, a physical therapist can work with you to strengthen your pelvic floor and change your gait pattern.

How to avoid it?

As you choose your exercise and movement, consider moving in all directions, including side to side and lightly twisting (keeping the belly button forward).

Pay attention to your range of motion. Movement routines frequently place more emphasis on strength OR flexibility rather than on a good range of motion that is neither too constricted or too loose. Pregnant women who produce more relaxin frequently feel more flexible than they actually are, which is technically true, but be careful not to stretch too much. Instead, encircle your hips and roll your shoulders.

Roll your ankles and wrists. Work gently into the knees and elbows. Move in circular motions that support the body’s joints as you strengthen, lengthen, and get ready for delivery. This can be part of a fantastic pregnancy yoga routine.

Practices that strengthen the hips and the legs, while also stretching them:

1.) Warrior 1 (keeping the pelvis level)

2.) Warrior 2 (keeping the pelvis level)

3.) Standing Figure 4 stretch (ankle to knee, using a wall for support)

4.) Chair Pose

5.) Goddess

6.) Modified side plank

7.) Seated twists (belly and baby always staying forward)

8.) Wide legged forward fold standing or seated with blocks