Office Posture Tips

  • Keep your monitor at eye level, and place your keyboard close to your body.
  • Sit in a chair with back support to avoid slumping
  • Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground, or use a footstool if your feet don’t reach the ground
  • If possible, use a desk that can be converted to a standing desk to lessen the strain on your spine
  • Keep reminder on your phone every hour to get up and stretch
  • Pressure on spine is max in sitting vs standing

Tips to prevent injuries during Yoga

 Tips to prevent injury during yoga 
  1. Consult Yoga teacher with good experience: If you are new to yoga and don’t have much knowledge, you should consult a yoga teacher. Youtube and some random videos do not know your body type and your current health conditions. With certain medical conditions, not all yoga poses are good.
  2. Do as tolerated: Avoid overpressure and overstretching, Some of the muscles on the back are stabilizer, and overstretch can create instability. Overpressure can cause compensatory movement and end up in injury.
  3. Wear proper clothes: If clothes restrict your certain poses, chances are to compensate and get an injury. 
  4. Be consistent: Our muscles get adapted over time with exercise and yoga poses but if you are not regular, muscles have to adapt all over again, and chances of injury increase.
  5. Breath proper: Proper breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth throughout yoga pose is very important for reducing stress and improving awareness.
  6. Warm-up: When our muscles are not warm, sudden stretching can trigger the protective stretch reflex and cause strain. Gentle stretch and some simple activities for warm is the key before starting advance yoga poses.
  7. Precautions should be taken with certain conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, back or neck pain, any acute sports injury or strain.

    Downward Dog Yoga pose:

    Common problem: Tight hamstring can pull pelvic muscles backward and flattening the lumbar curvature causing back pain.
    Solution: Bend the knee slightly to relax the hamstring so that the pelvis will not tilt posteriorly and lumbar curvature is maintained.

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